How to Be An Expert Road Trip Packer

Expert Name: Todd C.

Expert Occupation: Alaska Lodge Manager & Fly Fishing Guide

You know youre living an adventurous life when, within the span of a week, you find yourself being charged by an Alaskan grizzly bear and then cruising to the Palmyra Atoll (population: 4) aboard a 200-foot yacht in the Northern Pacific. Such is the life of Todd Calitri, a sought-after fly fishing guide. Todd averages 250 nights a year away from his own bed, so he knows a bit about hitting the road.



Follow Your Passion

Names: Mike & Brad

Expert Credentials: Founders of Grain Surfboards

Employees: 8

Mandatory hours worked per week: 0

Eco-conscious, locally sourced and community driven, Grain handbuilds wooden surfboards, skateboards, bodyboards and handboards in southern Maine near the Atlantic Ocean. Before the Fall surf season started, they gave us their rules to live by —in and out of the water.


Follow Your Passion
How to Be An Expert Road Trip Packer