Earthkeepers® Rugged Premium 6


Timberland Retail USA - Boston

Favorite Pick: Earthkeepers® Rugged Premium 6" Plain Toe Waterproof Boot

"Winters in Boston can be wet and full of snow. This boot is ideal for battling this type of weather, especially when walking to my morning classes! The classic styling is great—especially if I want to dress them up when I head out into the city with friends. A must for winter!"

Earthkeepers® Elite Leather Abington Jacket


Timberland Retail USA - Minneapolis

Favorite Pick: Earthkeepers® Elite Leather Abington Jacket

"When I'm in any major city, my passion is always capturing the world with my camera. This jacket lets me battle any weather. The timelessness of it can be dressed up or down for any occasion."

Earthkeepers® City Premium Wingtip Oxford


Timberland Retail USA - Skokie

Favorite Pick: Earthkeepers® City Premium Wingtip Oxford

"Living in Chicago, I'm always looking for a unique, yet classic piece of footwear—and this is it! Not only are these wingtips waterproof and comfortable, they're made with the environment in mind. "

Earthkeepers® City Premium 6


Timberland Retail USA - Chicago

Favorite Pick: Earthkeepers® City Premium 6" Side zip

"Any boot with a zip on the side is a win for my collection—it’s just a beautiful aesthetic in any shoe! Now a boot with a zip on the side that doesn't snag, but also guarantees to keep my feet dry and warm? No questions asked! This Eco-conscious, contemporary boot is an absolute must."

Earthkeepers® Hookset Premium Chukka


Timberland Retail USA - Paramus

Favorite Pick: Earthkeepers® Hookset Premium Chukka

"Whether I'm on my feet all day at work or I'm doing an outdoor activity, Anti-Fatigue keeps my feet and back comfortable. Combine that with a traditional and rugged look, and you've got a pretty unbeatable combination."

Earthkeepers® Wharf Bomber Jacket


Timberland Retail USA - San Francisco

Favorite Pick: Earthkeepers® Wharf Bomber Jacket

"I love this jacket! This is definitely my go-to piece for fall and winter. It's lightweight and durable and it has a simple look, which I can easily layer for those cool San Francisco evenings! It's a neutral color that you can rock with any outfit! Rain or sun? No questions asked, it's holding up through everything!"

Earthkeepers® Radler Approach


Belgium Sales

Favorite Pick: Earthkeepers® Radler Approach

"When the weekend is here, I load up the van and drive to Wallonie, "the deep south of Belgium," for some hiking, camping and even a little rock climbing—and Radler can do it all. On those little escapes, they always come along."

Formentor Ventilated Boat Shoe


Italian Sales Planner

Favorite Pick: Formentor Ventilated Boat Shoe

"The second you put them on, you feel ready for anything—not just sailing. They're really lightweight, super comfortable and now they're my top pick for every day."

Earthkeepers® Hookset Handcrafted Fabric Chukka


Senior Product Manager

Favorite Pick: Earthkeepers® Hookset Handcrafted Fabric Chukka

"These chukkas are awesome! They look great and are easier on the environment. I love the way the organic canvas feels. Plus, they're really comfortable and flexible. They're a perfect fit for my do-it-all lifestyle."

Earthkeepers® Plaid Cargo Short


District Manager - Japan

Favorite Pick: Earthkeepers® Plaid Cargo Short

"These are great summer shorts that can be worn pretty much anywhere. The blue and yellow color makes you stand out a bit, and it goes well with boat shoes or sandals. It's a good look for town or outdoors—sailing or even camping."

Earthkeepers® City T-Bar


Assistant Visual Merchandising Manager

Favorite Pick: Earthkeepers® City T-Bar

"During the summer, I love to go to the beach and take boat trips. These sandals will definitely keep me cool and comfortable—and the look is perfect for my summer style."

Earthkeepers® City Buckle Thong


Senior Sales Executive

Favorite Pick: Earthkeepers® City Buckle Thong

"These are my new go-to flips for summer. They weigh almost nothing, but they're really supportive and comfortable. I'll be wearing these with shorts every chance I get. "

Formentor Ventilated Boat Shoe


Global Brand Manager

Favorite Pick: Formentor Ventilated Boat Shoe

"I spend a lot of time in, on and near the water in all weather conditions, so I'm really looking for a shoe that can hold up to everything from driving rain to bluebird sunshine. The Formentor provides great grip, is super comfortable and it's also stylish enough to fit right in anywhere."

Formentor Waterproof Duffle Bag


Web Analyst

Favorite Pick: Formentor Waterproof Duffle Bag

"I love this bag because I can throw everything into it: mountain bike gear, stuff for weekend trips, and beach gear. Everything will stay dry inside. This bag does it all—and you know your stuff will always be protected, so you don't have to be careful with it."

Radler Trail Camp Boat Shoe


Retail Consultant - Singapore

Favorite Pick: Radler Trail Camp Boat Shoe

"The only footwear I need to pack for my trip is the Radler Boat. It's lightweight, breathable and it's packable! How awesome is that for a shoe? It is suitable for a fishing trip, camping or just for taking on the everyday."

Ripstop Sailing Cap


Area Sales Manager - Shanghai

Favorite Pick: Ripstop Sailing Cap

"The cap is lightweight, so it's perfect for summer—and there's a leash to attach it to my collar, so I doesn't fly into the ocean. You can do anything on a boat with no fear!"

Pathrock Low Leather and Fabric with Gore-Tex®


Global Product Manager

Favorite Pick: Pathrock Low Leather and Fabric with Gore-Tex®

"They have the perfect blend of technology and style. I've always thought that carrying two pairs of shoes to a trailhead was annoying. With the Pathrock, I can wear it on a day hike and not have to worry about changing shoes afterwards when we hit the town. Plus, I like the cool lace-to-toe look and awesome color."

Pathrock Pant with Epic by Nextec®


Corporate Events Specialist

Favorite Pick: Pathrock Pant with Epic by Nextec®

"These pants are perfect for exploring mountain trails. They're rugged and durable yet have a casual style. They're exactly what I need—whether I'm hiking, mountain biking or just hanging out with my friends."

Pathrock Low Leather and Fabric with Gore-Tex®


Store Promotion - Japan

Favorite Pick: Pathrock Low Leather and Fabric with Gore-Tex®

"The Pathrock is really comfortable and durable, so it's perfect for treks and long day hikes. With the Gore-Tex® lining, they can go anywhere—and I don't even need to check the forecast for rain before I leave. Pretty much the perfect all around hiking shoe. "

Pathrock Jacket


Retail Sales Staff - Taiwan

Favorite Pick: Pathrock Jacket

"I love the color and fit of this awesome jacket! It's also perfect for touring. It keeps me dry and makes my daily commute enjoyable."

Earthkeepers® Front Country Moc Toe Travel Chukka


Footwear Designer

Favorite Pick: Earthkeepers® Front Country Moc Toe Travel Chukka

"I wear my chukkas in every environment you can imagine —at work, in the outdoors or out on the town. The leather is really great and it's also made with recycled plastic bottles. They're the best of all worlds —great looking, comfortable and versatile —so they fit my lifestyle really well."

Earthkeepers® Waterproof Stratham Cargo Bomber


Footwear Designer

Favorite Pick: Earthkeepers® Waterproof Stratham Cargo Bomber

"This is just a great jacket in every way. Not only does it look good, it's also waterproof, breathable and has organic cotton in it. I wear this on the street and on a hikes—it's really that versatile. I also travel quite a bit, and this jacket is great for different climates."

Earthkeepers® Front Country Lite Oxford


Retail Consultant

Favorite Pick: Earthkeepers® Front Country Lite Oxford

"For my work, I visit shopping malls to check out the latest products from my favourite brands—so I spend a long time on my feet. These can definitely keep up with me, and keep me comfortable. Even with the rainy weather in Singapore, they keep me dry. I really love these shoes."

Cyclic Epic Tilt Chino


Sr. Visual Merchandiser

Favorite Pick: Cyclic Epic Tilt Chino

"The pants really fit me well, making it easy for me to move around in them. It is also great for daily wear even in the outdoors because it is water resistant, wind proof and comes with UV protection."